BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Course map

Course map 2013

Route: fast and shallow!
The route can be run easily and quickly and has resulted in last year in new track records for both men and women - it has a total elevation gain of only 27.8 meters, spread over the entire route length of 42 195 meters. The route is set up circular and runs along both sides of the river Main through many parts of Frankfurt.
The Kenyan Wilson Kipsang set in 2011 a new track record of 2:03:42. With this time, which is the second best ever run in a marathon, the BMW Frankfurt Marathon has positioned itself in the top class of the world. Where such outstanding records are being made, you can also run your personal best!

There is only a height difference of 27,8 meters spread over the length of 42195 meters [between the lowest point (89,4 meters above sea level) and the highest point (117,2 meters above sea level)]. 



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